A podcast by nerds

Each episode, our hosts, Chris (jazzsequence) and Gary (binarygary) are given a topic by Allison (allisonplus) that they know nothing about in advance, and attempt to carry on a conversation about it. Hijinks ensue.

It’s the Balderdash of podcasts.


Gary (binarygary), Chris (jazzs3quence) and Allison (allisonplus) are all WordPress developers who worked together at the same agency. They are all extremely sarcastic geeks and Binary Jazz was a bad idea that was accidentally a good idea. (If you’re curious about the origin story, it all started here.)

The rules are simple:

Allison conjures up a topic. Gary and Chris are not shown the topic before recording but attempt to discuss, riff, and elucidate their knowledge on said subject despite their ignorance about the subject.


Episode 1101100: Knolling

This episode, Gary and Chris hypothesize about the meaning of knolling, whether it means a road trip to a nice grassy area or living in small clusters of people away from society in a cave somewhere. Also, good things on the internet, Chris’ Moral Ambiguity & Dragons, Gary’s existential musings and weekend home improvement projects. …

Episode 1101010: We’re back

We’re back from an extended hiatus due to illness, work schedule changes, travel, and generally 2020. We spend so much time just catching up that we didn’t have time to topic! Chris gets a COVID test, we talk about how masks, like, work, food Chris can’t taste, pets (and wild animals), and Halloween costumes.