A podcast by nerds

Each episode, our hosts, Chris (jazzsequence) and Gary (binarygary) are given a topic they know nothing about in advance, and attempt to carry on a conversation about it. Hijinks ensue.

It’s the Balderdash of podcasts.


Gary (binarygary), Chris (jazzs3quence) and Allison (allisonplus) are all WordPress developers who worked together at the same agency. They are all extremely sarcastic geeks and Binary Jazz was a bad idea that was accidentally a good idea. (If you’re curious about the origin story, it all started here.)

The rules are simple:

Allison conjures up a topic. Gary and Chris are not shown the topic before recording but attempt to discuss, riff, and elucidate their knowledge on said subject despite their ignorance about the subject.


Episode 1100001: Erinaceous

In this episode we discuss the weird light fixtures at Gary’s new abode, the fact that moving to North Carolina has entirely changed Gary’s vernacular, what to do with old couches and the fact that the topic this week obviously must relate to women named Erin. Also, Shut Up Little Man! and other things you …

Episode 1100000: Jentacular

In this episode we avoid talking about a word that sounds like it should have something to do with gentrification — or possibly gin — but definitely has nothing to do with Jenga or a spectacular Jen. Also, Gary’s new house in North Carolina, Letterkenny and webpage marketing.

Episode 1011111: Iyamisu

In this episode we talk about iyamisu, which Gary thinks is something Japanese that describes our way of living, while Chris believes it is a type of cake related to tiramisu. Also Hebrew, whether there are “y’s” in anglicized Japanese, space, and the difference between a terrace and a balcony.